Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Indy! We actually were only here for one night on two different occasions this year. Just passing through and sleeping. And, well, drinking and eating. As we do.

So, this post about Indy isn’t very long and doesn’t cover very much. Alas! This is our blog and it’s about what we do. So, there! =P

Our first stop was Chilly Water Brewing Co., where we sipped on some lovely beers and filled our bellies with some tasty food. Big thanks to Keiko, Jordan, and Matthew for the hospitality!

We also had an exceptional time at the unbelievably massive Sun King Brewing Co. They have so many taps and such a huge space. It’s totally crazy. Many thanks to Beth, Dennis, Dillon, Kelly, Tina, and Glenn for all the great beers and for grabbing us some hidden gems. Many no thanks for not

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