Infographic – where should I go on holiday?

Holidays are officially good for you. Several studies show that getting away from it all leads to an increased feeling of happiness and wellbeing, better personal relationships, better physical health and even a greater learning capacity. Arguably the toughest bit is deciding where to go! To help you with your decision, Shepards Friendly the UK friendly society and one of the oldest mutual insurers in the world (who also offer savings, insurance and protection) have put together a handy infographic to aid you in that tricky decision.

Not too long ago they carried out a survey with YouGov and they found that the most popular savings goals of those in the UK – unsurprisingly – is saving for a holiday (30% of people interviewed). So they created a helpful infographic to help you decide on your next holiday destination, based on your individual tastes, wants and needs and whether you’re into a more relaxed

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