Is a Gateway Clipper Cruise Fun for Teens?

Think Pittsburgh river cruises are only for older folks and wee ones? Think again. Setting sail for a two-hour Gateway Clipper Cruise was just what this Pittsburgh-loving family need this summer. From good food to good music, there’s plenty of reasons why teens will love a Gateway Clipper Fleet cruise -and here’s five of the best ones to keep your teen entertained and happy. No eye-rolling involved!

Think teens won’t like dinner cruises on Gateway Clipper Fleet? Think again. Magic Memories photo ops is only one of the reasons! Photo Credit: Steven Locke

Taking my daughter on the Gateway Clipper Fleet in Pittsburgh, PA is something we’ve always done – especially for its kid-friendly Lollipop Cruises. It was fun to take a cruise for an hour and let the clowns and on-board music do the entertaining. But, what happens when you’ve got a teenager? Will she still enjoy

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