Is It Smart to Travel Young? A Follow-up Five Years Later

Five years ago, I (melodramatically) posed the question, “Is it smart to travel young?

At the time, I was 22, working in Paris as an au pair. Though I loved my life in Paris, I feared I had preemptively ruined my career by taking a gap year.

I certainly hadn’t, but I understand why I felt that way. While I corralled French children and earned a pittance of a salary, my friends racked up prestigious internships and started their careers. In comparison, I felt unaccomplished, and was worried about falling behind.

Now that I’m several years into my career (and newly admitted into grad school!), I wanted to respond to the original question.

The short answer is yes, it’s smart to travel young, depending on your circumstances and goals.

The long answer? Travel may or may not help you find the right career, but it will undoubtedly help you grow as

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