James Beard Winner Lois Ellen Frank

“If you can think it, you can manifest it. All life is is about figuring out how.” ~ Lois Ellen Frank

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My conversation today is with Lois Ellen Frank. It’s difficult to know where to start when introducing Lois because she is so accomplished at so many things.

Lois is a chef, author, Native foods historian, photographer and James Beard Award winner for her book Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations. She has a Masters of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Culinary Anthropology and she focuses on foods of the indigenous tribes of the Americas.

She’s part Native herself from the Kiowa Nation on her mother’s side. Lois works in the Native community by focusing on the importance of traditional foods in their culture.

I’ve known Lois for probably six or so years and over that time I’ve seen

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