Japan’s incredible Ishikawa prefecture

Fall in love with a hidden gem, a golden part of Japan that’s a rare glimpse at uncompromising beauty and traditions that span centuries.

If Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, on the north-west coast of Honshu Island, isn’t on your travel wish list, it should be. Just a bullet train ride from Tokyo and hugging the coastline of the Sea of Japan, this is a place of breathtaking landscapes, antique streetscapes, centuries-old crafts, vibrant geigi culture, temples, gardens, amazing food, hot springs, cherry blossoms in spring and ski slopes in the winter.  With the remote Noto Peninsula, historical castle town of Kanazawa, seafaring city of Kaga, and mountainous Hakusan region, there’s something to explore, excite and enthral everyone.

Most will have heard of the devastating earthquake that hit Ishikawa’s Noto Peninsula on New Year’s Day, 2024. But while months may be needed for certain parts of the Noto Peninsula to

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