Jodhpur: A Guide to Exploring India’s Blue City

When we were first planning our India travel itinerary, Jodhpur was one of the places that I insisted on adding to the list. There are only a handful of blue cities around the world and I wanted to see this one! We gave ourselves a total of 3 days in Jodhpur, which I felt was plenty of time to see the sights, visit the markets and also sample some of the best meals we had in all of India, so today I’m sharing this mini travel guide showcasing some of my favourite things to do in Jodhpur.

Things to do in Jodhpur

Go in search of blue

First up, it wouldn’t be a proper visit to Jodhpur without ditching the map and purposely getting lost in the Blue City. With most of Jodhpur’s buildings and laneways painted blue, wandering around taking photos is an activity in and of

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