K’gari – the island formerly known as Fraser Island

K’gari – the island formerly known as Fraser Island By on Jun 07, 2023 in Australia, Oceania, Regions

The Queensland Government today announced the official name change of one of the State’s most treasured and culturally significant destinations to its Traditional name ‘K’gari’ (formerly Fraser Island). The announcement formally recognises the Butchulla People’s connection to the island and the creation story that has been passed down for generations.

In traditional Butchulla culture, the island holds immense history in its lakes, waterways, coastline, skies and rainforest. Gaining UNESCO World Heritage Area status in 1992, it was formed from sand accumulation over 750,000 years – becoming the world’s largest sand island. The Butchulla People have understood its significance for an estimated 20,000 years, forging an incredible connection with the land, sea, flora and fauna that live harmoniously.

In the lead up to the reinstatement of the original

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