Know where to go: 17 foreigner-friendly neighborhoods in cities around the world

Sometimes you just have to know where to start.

As a place to start exploring a city, the foreigner-friendly neighborhoods around the world are an easy place to get settled and accustomed to what’s happening. They let you get your feet wet when you first arrive without getting too overwhelmed by everything happening around you.

I’ve asked my travel blogging friends about the foreigner-friendly neighborhoods they can vouch for, and I’ll likely be referring back to this list myself as I travel on. It’s organized alphabetically by city — and you can safely bet the blogger who wrote about that city has plenty more on their own websites to check out.

Without further ado…

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De Pijp (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

De Pijp (sounds like “dah pipe”) is a neighborhood in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a haven for foreigners in

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