Krippenstein and Hallstatt Austria – an under-the-radar snowy getaway

When it comes to winter getaways, there are plenty of well-known options. Everyone’s heard of the snowy wonders of Chamonix. We all have that friend who goes to Aspen to Jackson Hole every winter, but often the popularity of typical snow getaways is their downfall. It’s hard to have an interesting or authentic vacation experience when you’re visiting an area that panders so aggressively to tourists. While those popular destinations have their charms, it’s challenging to have a truly unique experience. But head off the beaten path a little, expand your horizons to lesser-known destinations and prepare yourself for a winter trip like no other….

Krippenstein and Hallstatt in Austria might not be at the top of your winter destination list, or the tip of your tongue, but they should be. The Hallstatt area is home to some of the best freeride skiing and snowboarding terrain in the world,

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