Lake Malawi – the jewel in Malawi’s crown

Having given an overview of Malawi’s unique variety of attractions in last month’s blog (lake, landscape, wildlife and culture), this month we will focus in on what is probably the best known: Lake Malawi. Widely viewed as Malawi’s primary tourism asset and also known as the Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi is a wondrous inland sea of crystal-clear waters fringed by beaches of golden sand.

A shimmering jewel in the crown of one of the most naturally beautiful corners of Southern Africa, Lake Malawi’s great expanse of fresh water stretches across approximated one fifth of the country, providing in many ways the lifeblood of this tiny nation.  Ebbing and flowing into every part of Malawian life, the Lake brings sustenance, livelihood, tourism and leisure and forms an integral part of Malawi’s cultural heritage. Sometimes known as the ‘Calendar Lake’ because it is 365

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