Latin America: a carnival of exotic fruit

For those people visiting a Latin American “farmers’ market” for the first time, the fruit section can be a new and exotic experience for all the senses. A carnival of intense colors and capricious shapes unfolds before your eyes, while the aromas and textures are simply astounding.

In the touting of the sellers who try to attract your attention, you will hear unknown and original names, ones like chirimoya, tomate de árbol, naranjilla, guanábana, maracuyá, pitajaya, guayaba, guaba, zapote and uvilla. While these can be difficult to pronounce at first, when you try some of these exotic fruits, chances are you’ll never forget the name of what you just enjoyed.

In South America, the variety and quantity of fruits that are produced throughout the year, which allow these to be affordable and eaten daily. The opposite occurs in European countries, where – because of the climate – locally grown fruits

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