Latin America’s best stargazing spots

With the luxury of wide-open spaces in spectacularly remote locations, the rural hideaways of Latin America’s varied geography lie under some of the clearest skies on planet earth. From the arid deserts of northern Chile to the tropical wetlands of western Brazil, travellers seeking the bliss of isolation in the countryside are also treated to wonderful views of the stars due to the lack of urban light pollution. Perhaps something that city-dwellers are not so used to being able to enjoy, stargazing in Latin America can be a magical experience during your bespoke luxury trip. Here are our favourite places for stargazing in the region…

The Atacama Desert, Northern Chile

Renowned for some of the clearest skies in the world, Chile’s arid Atacama Desert is also the driest on the planet. With very few major settlements, the dramatic landscapes of this surreal lunar-like region are totally unspoiled by urbanisation

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