Life in Africa: Month 1

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to resume my monthly recaps! My recaps will cover the highs and lows of living in Africa, as well as where I’m traveling and what I’m reading.

I’ve now been living in Kampala, Uganda, for a full month! And what a ride it’s been.

Depending on the day, I oscillate between thinking ‘Wow, moving to Uganda was the best decision I’ve ever made’ or ‘Gah I miss my friends and skiing and why didn’t I appreciate it more’.

But overall I’m really happy I decided to move here.

A few things I’ve discovered so far; one, Kampala is a small world; the expat circle is very tight-knit. As in my aunt and uncle have already met everyone I’ve gone on dates with. (Yes, this is slightly awkward.)

And life is extremely relaxing here. My days consist of working, playing squash, and meeting people for G&Ts. Rough life,

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