Life in Africa: Month 2

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to resume my monthly recaps! My recaps will cover the highs and lows of living in Uganda and Kenya, as well as recap where I’m traveling and what I’m reading.

Wow, what a month! I got to spend a week in Zanzibar diving and beaching (but mostly beaching).

Not only that, I went on my first safari in Murchison Falls, Uganda’s largest national park. Childhood dreams = made.

At a rooftop restaurant in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Where I’ve Been:

Zanzibar, Tanzania (8 days)

Murchison Falls, Uganda (3 days)

The rest – at home in Kampala!


Exploring magical Zanzibar. Zanzibar was a dream. For those who don’t know, Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania that is a blend of Arab, Persian, and African cultures.

I fell in love because it has delicious food, age-old history, and some of the bluest water I’ve

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