Light Festival, Lucerne: 7 reasons to put LILU in your 2020 diary

Lucerne is celebrating its first and highly successful Light Festival. From 10th to 20th January 2019, soft-lights shimmered across Lake Lucerne and this Swiss city’s beautiful architecture was highlighted by the installations.

Throughout this historic city, in the centre of Switzerland, national and international artists created 18 beautiful and thought-provoking installations. In cold and dark January, Lucerne had decided it needed a shot of festivity to see it through the depths of winter.

The Light Festival gave visitors the feeling that they were watching the development of a new and rapidly developing art form. After the success of the 2019 festival, artists will become more confident and adventurous. As the technology develops the 2020 Festival is likely to be even more impressive.

Yet, there will be no fireworks, no loud explosions. This is January. Lucerne’s citizens quietly get on with their business. They save their riotous spirit for February’s

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