Live Photo Blog: The Royal Crematorium

The Royal Crematorium on Sanam Luang was opened to the public on Thursday 2nd November. I am here on opening day. The first thing I should say is that there wasn’t a separate entrance for foreigners today. We had to enter and queue with the Thais. It took me 90 minutes to get in. I think people coming later wouldn’t have to wait so long. There was a delay for people in the first round to enter.


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GPS Coordinates:13.755064, 100.493117

Referred to as Phra Merumas (Golden Crematorium), the Royal Crematorium is where the Royal Urn is placed on the pyre (Phra Chittakathan) for the cremation. Traditionally, it was built as a temporary construction in the middle of the city for cremating a deceased king or queen, or high-ranking royal, and is recorded for the first time in

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