Live your true love: 5 non-discriminatory Greek destinations

A land where discrimination doesn’t exist, but accepts all humans with no judgement and criticism. Yes, that’s a place we would all love to visit, to be free to express ourselves and enjoy the company of our loved ones. That’s what vacationing is all about and yes, that destination is Greece.

The 4 islands and 1 city that we have selected that not only are stunning, but are welcoming and humane. These Greek locations greet all travelers with open arms and their sole wish is for them to enjoy a gracious holiday! We hope that the kindness and compassion these areas show towards all humans will rub off on even more Greek Islands and cities so that the entire country can have a progressive energy and an accepting vibe.


Mykonos is the most famous gay-friendly place in Greece, if not in Europe. At any time during the day or night,

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