Living legends: Europe’s top 10 palaces

Living legends: Europe’s top 10 palaces By on May 18, 2021 in Africa, Attractions, Croatia, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Europe, France, Germany, Going Out, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Regions, Spain, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Ancient architecture, lush gardens, and timeless legends: Europe’s stunningly-preserved palaces have the power to transport you back to times of opulence, intrigue and adventure – from Germany’s famed fairytale castle to a lustrous Roman palace in Croatia and a storied aristocratic mansion beside Corfu’s sparkling sea. Explore a diverse array of vibrant cultures and fascinating histories on an immersive tour of Europe’s top 10 must-see palaces, all located in some of the continent’s most charismatic cities and accessible via direct flights.

1. Buckingham Palace – London, United Kingdom

One of the most recognized palaces in the world, Buckingham Palace

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