London Food Tours: How To Enjoy a City You Don’t Love

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As a traveller, we’re often pressured into loving absolutely everything about travel. Personally, I never want to come across as ungrateful or spoiled so it’s easier to talk about the good than to admit the bad. While I believe that there’s always something to enjoy – be it the food, culture, people, or nature – I’m also not terribly successful at sugar coating things.

It’s okay to not love everything. It’s okay to simply not vibe with a city. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable or feel like you don’t belong.

In the past, that’s exactly how I’ve felt about London. I’m not overly fond of big cities and, for me, there is nothing more hellish than going on the tubes. That comes from an intense mixture of a general dislike for crowds, a touch of claustrophobia, and being plagued with motion sickness (which makes me such a

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