London to Lapland – The Ultimate Itinerary For Finish Lapland in February

There are 190,000 reindeer, 749 fells, and 1 Santa Claus in Finish Lapland; the original winter wonderland there are plenty of reasons to visit Finish Lapland in February.

Here harsh weather conditions and long winter nights are juxtaposed by the beauty of the region’s wilderness and unobstructed panoramas are in endless supply.

Flying Business Class with Finnair from London to Lapland (via Helsinki) I recently spent a long weekend exploring Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Dubbed the ‘closest place to heaven’ by locals, the 1000 square metres of protected forests and fells are at the heart of Finish Lapland’s indomitable appeal.

Lusting after a memorable winter escape? Watch the vlog below for a snapshot of my Lapland adventure and scroll down for my ultimate itinerary for Finish Lapland in February.


Depending on your departure city and flight schedule getting to Lapland is pretty simple.


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