Looking for an easy-to-hike hill with breathtaking views near Boracay and Bel-is? Visit Pagti in Rizal, Nabas, Aklan

Breathtaking views from the peak of Pagti at sunset

Nabas is usually known for cold springs, caves, pristine rivers and wind mills. Apart from that it has also scenic hills that are unknown to others. One of the hills is called Pagti and it’s located in Sitio Molada, Barangay Rizal, Nabas, Aklan and it’s close to Boracay. 

Pagti is an open hill with windswept grassland on its peak. It has an amazing views of surrounding green rolling hills (similar to Panaktakan), the wind mills of Pawa, and the islands of Boracay and Romblon. It’s a perfect camping and hiking spot especially for beginners. Pagti is only 20-minute hike away from the barangay proper of Rizal. The scenic trail passes through a local community, a creek, and sloping open hills. It can also be reached from the proper of Sitio Molada via a narrow and unpaved road that goes to Panaktakan. After the short trek you may also continue your hike to Panaktakan for a further hike down to Tabis-tabisan waterfalls to refresh.

Stunning view of windmills at sunrise View of the surrounding hills from the peak Dramatic sunset over the Sulu Sea Vibrant sunset illuminates the neighboring hill View of rolling hills

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