Louisville 2018: Part 1

Angela and I spent quite a bit of time in Louisville this year for various reasons. Because of that, we have a ton of pictures!

You may have seen some of these on various social media pages if you follow us anywhere. If you have, consider this a roundup of what we did. Yeah! You can also see our other Louisville posts right here.


Dreaming of being an angel – ha! – with #louisvillewings.

Drooling over Royals Hot Chicken before devouring it like the animals we are.

Visiting our friend’s historic church in downtown Louisville.

Checking out artwork in the gallery at 21c Museum Hotel. Even though it’s a hotel, it’s open to the public 24/7 so everyone can check out their art exhibitions.

Of course, a trip to Louisville wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Against the Grain

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