Louisville 2018: Part 3

Hey! Yet another post about Louisville, but this is our final one of the year. We spent quite a lot of time there hanging out, hence all the posts.

We had plenty of good times, as always, and here’s a rundown of what we did (or, ate and drank).

Our buddies, Joel and Julie, stopped by for a day with their family, on their way back from vacation in Florida. It’s always great to see these folks and we always have a booty-shaking time. We all went out for drinks and eats at Against the Grain…nom nom nom.

Cheers to Tate!

It started pouring insanely hard when we were there, so we had to duck the rain and act like weirdos while we waited for our Uber to arrive.

It was coming down so hard that we got completely drenched

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