Luxury: a perspective from the rainforest

The word luxury usually conjures up images of decadence and comfort for most of us. That may be a bit extreme, but luxury is usually tied to ideas of power and wealth. Success dictates the level of luxury we have in our lives. The more successful you are, the greater level of luxury you can afford.  Of course, material wealth isn’t the only measurement of luxury, just probably the first and most common. Luxury can have nothing to do with wealth or any of the other thigs we equate it with, because luxury is a subjective matter. The appreciation of the primeval rainforest can be considered, having the luck of hearing a natural orchestra, while traveling a creek. Feeling the rain up your shoulders running down your face, will be as marvellous as watching a plain starry sky.

Additionally, a escape to the nature, refresh the spirit, body and

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