Making memories in the Maldives

Making memories in the Maldives By on Sep 12, 2022 in Accommodation, Asia, Hotels, Maldives, Regions, Resorts

Strung across the equator, like a string of lustrous pearls in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the 1,192 islands of the Maldives extend more than 820 km from north to south, and 130 km from east to west. With an entire land area of 298km², sitting in 90,000km² of ocean, this is Asia’s smallest country, both in population and in land mass, and with an average elevation of only 2m above sea level, the Maldives can also claim the world’s lowest average elevation. With few islands bigger than 120 hectares, this tiny island nation is 99% water – so if you are planning on holidaying here, you’d better love the water!

Known for some of the best year-round

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