March Updates from That Backpacker

March started out in India and I actually had to go back and check my calendar to see if this was true because that trip already feels like ages ago! I also thought I’d show you this behind the scenes shot of the trip back home. Travel can often be depicted as oh-so-glamorous, but long-haul flights make me look and feel like crap. There I am, sprawled across airport chairs in my husband’s oversized flannel, wearing brightly coloured fuzzy socks, and a baseball cap to hide the fact that I’m probably drooling in my sleep. We flew from Kolkata to Mumbai to London to Toronto, and phew, I don’t think you can blame me for being a major homebody this month.

Where I went

India: Kolkata

England: London (in transit long enough to stock up on chocolates and shortbread cookies)

Canada: Home!

March in review

MET: One of the highlights

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