Matalascañas, Spain

Let’s go to the beach! When our friends, Lena and Dom, came to visit from Germany recently, we took it upon ourselves to head down to the beach town of Matalascañas, Spain, as they wanted to see some sand and surf.

Since it’s not actually a town, but more an area/beach, it doesn’t simply come up on a map. It’s where the red pin is up there, though, and it’s actually part of the town of Almonte.

Our friend, Mamá Isa, mom of our pal, Pepe, has a place in Matalascañas and goes regularly. She’s always harassing us about going, and we never do for whatever reason. So, we were delighted to be able to send her selfies from the beach when we went with Lena and Dom.

And, honestly, it was about time! This place is great, although we went during the off-season, so it was

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