Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ever been to Milwaukee? This Midwestern city is highly underrated. Even as Chicago natives, we’ve made quite a few trips up there over the course of our adult lives. They’ve got a great art scene, fun bars, a nice downtown and lakefront, sports, legendary festivals, and more.

So, when my dad asked me if I’d like to join him for a boys’ night up in Milwaukee, I was obviously in! He wanted to have a father-son day at the ballpark and hang out, just the guys. I’m always down for some good times with family.

I booked us a place to stay at the historic Pfister Hotel, which is centrally located downtown and is crazy nice. It’s been here since 1893, and they sure have kept it up. It’s also supposedly haunted, but that’s more Ang’s wheelhouse than mine.

They also have the fanciest power supply I’ve

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