Ming Ming from MiMi Globe Goods

“Being bold means not being afraid to take action on your ideas. we all have a lot of ideas…it’s saying let’s take action. It means taking a chance, you don’t know whether it’s going to succeed or not. But knowing you’ve taken the first step, you’ve already succeeded.” ~ Ming Ming Tung-Edelman

Ming Ming (MiMi) is the founder of MiMi Globe Goods, a non-profit that helps stay-at-home immigrants by empowering them with skills and equipment to design, create and market hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.

I sat down with MiMi in her home in North Seattle to chat about her business, her background as an immigrant, her career as a pharmacist and what ultimately led her to creating a business that currently helps a handful of immigrant women from Bhutan but has the potential to help immigrants from many regions and then to spread across the United States.

MiMi’s story was

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