More than just a tourist trap: 10 reasons to still keep Thailand on your travel list

There’s no denying that Thailand has become overrun with tourists in recent years. People have flocked to Thailand in their millions, each trying to seek out their own little piece of paradise. There are certain Thai towns and cities which have become so westernised that you could mistake them for your hometown (minus the tuk-tuks and ladyboys!). It is this intense tourism and westernisation that have put some travellers off of visiting this country.

This has only been exasperated with the recent closure of Maya Bay, which has drawn further attention to the negative impact of tourists on these once beautiful places. So should you avoid Thailand altogether? Absolutely not!

I visited Thailand for the first time earlier this year and despite my concerns, I fell in love with the place. Sure, there are some super touristy areas. But there are also some completely off-grid, virtually untouched places too. I

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