Moving from Nikon to Sony: One Year Later

The Decision

Early in 2016, I made the decision to switch from Nikon, which I had been shooting with for 9 years, to Sony.

It wasn’t an easy decision. When you buy into a camera system it isn’t just a matter of getting all your lenses and gear to be compatible. You become accustomed to where all the knobs, dials, switches and buttons are. It is similar to playing an instrument and then being asked to play something else, even if that something else is similar, like moving from playing the clarinet to a saxophone.

My new camera: the Sony A7rii

I had originally purchased a Nikon D200 back in 2007, which was their top of the line crop sensor camera. In 2011 I upgraded to the D300s, which was the successor to the D200, and which originally came out in 2009.

Since 2011 I had been waiting

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