My Editor Answers Your Publishing Questions

The problem with blogging, besides the fact that it is not at all lucrative and that anonymous people regularly tell you that they hope you die because you dyed a gallon of milk pink, is that it can be a very solitary process. Spending every day in front of a computer in your pjs and  a bathroom robe, decorated with the crumbs from the tortilla chips that constituted breakfast (Vogue‘s must-have accessory for writers), can make the most well-adjusted of us a little odd.

And if you aren’t that well-adjusted to begin with? Well, spending your days blogging can send you straight into tin-foil-hat territory, wherein you watch episodes of The Bachelor at slow speeds, looking for symbolism that will eventually be the foundation of your new religion. (Note: the tenants of this religion are still unclear to me, but it involves dry-humping and candles.)

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