My favourite 10 European views to take your breath away

A truly brilliant holiday is made up of a million different things; food, company, culture, nightlife, accommodation, but I have often found that what sticks in my mind beyond anything else for years to come are the breathtaking aspects and surprise vistas, often discovered by accident on the way to or from other things. A peep between houses or from a restaurant terrace, something spotted on a drive, the landscape opening up on a gentle stroll, these are the times that feel like treasures and I have collected together 10 gorgeous European views to take in on your next journey. I hope they stay with you as long as they have stayed with me…

Bonnieux, Provence, France

The wonderful little medieval town of Bonnieux in the Vaucluse region of Provence lives up to its name which literally translates as ‘Good Air’. The village is positioned high up on

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