My not-so-big-fat Bhutan Wedding

After 16 years and nearly 5 months together, Jon and I decided in a spur of the moment decision to get married in Bhutan!

We had talked/joked about it for years but during our most recent trip to one of our favorite destinations, the timing, location and people felt right, and we decided to get hitched!

The decision came shortly after we completed the Snowman Trek. I guess if you can spend 25 days trekking together (for a second time), you can pretty much commit to a lifetime together 🙂 (Jokes aside, during our 16 years of living in sin, we’ve never had any doubt we were in it for the long haul.)

After the trek, as we made our way across the country with my tour group, I traded phone calls with my Bhutanese sister, Chuki. Within 24-hours, she pulled together a magnificent ceremony at her home in Thimphu.

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