My Number One Resolution for 2017

Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying 2017 so far! Is it just me, or is it weirdly fun reading other people’s resolutions? Maybe I’m nosy, but I find it super interesting. So I figured I’d share mine for the year.

Stop wasting time.

In 2017, I’ve resolved to stop wasting time. Normally I’m a chronic waffler, and waste so much time making decisions. This year I want to start making snap decisions in order to not waste time, money, or energy.

I also want to stop doing things because I feel obligated to, i.e. finishing a book that I’m not enjoying.

In light of my “stop, wasting time” resolution, this year I want to:

Stop reading articles just because they’re open in my browser. Stop going to events I’m not interested in. Stop worrying about what other people think. (The biggest time waster of all, in my humble opinion.)

Though this is my main resolution,

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