My Paris Food Diary

When I lived in Paris I was all about international food, from dim sum to Korean to Lebanese. But on this trip I just wanted old-school French gastronomie – think French onion soup, crêpes and cholesterol-laden salads. As I’m rarely in France these days, I wanted the classics.

Here is the best of my Paris food diary from this trip (I’ve omitted the so-so places, because who cares?). All of these restaurants and bars were fantastic, so keep them in mind on your next trip to Paris.

Chez Papa

My first meal in Paris was at Chez Papa, a restaurant that specializes in Southwestern French food. The Southwest of French is known for its hearty food, such as cassoulet and foie gras.

Once I got my enormous “salad” of fried eggs, potatoes, and bayonne ham, I was so happy to be back in France I practically cried. We just

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