My Post About Feminism Went Viral. Days Later, My Twitter Account Was Hacked.

Last week, I wrote about what happened when I tried making the cinnamon roll recipe from Mario Batali’s sexual misconduct apology letter. The inclusion of the recipe – in a letter apologizing for sexual harassment – was so ill-advised that it made the time my uncle brought a camcorder to a funeral seem like a good idea. But the fact that it was also a shitty recipe … well … (insert guttural growling sound). By the end of the night, I was a being made of pure rage, held together with icing, and it was in that mindset that I ended up writing about the recipe, and about all the bullshit that surrounded it.

(Oh, also, I am using Leslie Knope GIFs throughout this post because she’s my patronus right now.)

A lot of people ended up sharing the post. I suspect because these days, most of us are made up of

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