My Top 6 Inspirations- Best Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Blog

My Top 6 Inspirations (Best Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Blog)

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote something bloggable!

You must be noticing that I am not writing that much and I’m just so active on our social media like on our Facebook Page, especially on our Instagram Stories. I know, I know, this is our travel diary online. But I’m having fun actively sharing what we are doing and what we are achieving thru our social media accounts, like our first-ever paid collaboration with Go Customized who gave us free phone cases that we customized, fresh from Amsterdam. And also, free travel gear belt from Zero Grid who paid us to make a social media post for them.

One other thing, I posted our recent trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood last month.

See?! We’re getting achievements. Not that biggy, but for newbies in blogging, dang, this new travel lifestyle blog in the house is killin’ it!

Now, the real thing!


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