My Travel Plans for 2017

Hey guys! So as you may have read, I’m moving to Africa! (I still can’t write that without exclamation points, by the way.)

In 2017 I’m going to travel much more than I have in the past few years. And I couldn’t be more excited. Naturally, I am dying to explore Africa, so want to see (at the very least) Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa.

But after I wrap up my job in August I may travel a bit longer. I especially want to travel to places that are hard to access when you’re living in the US, like Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.


This month I’ll be wrapping up things in Colorado, i.e. quitting my job, packing, and skiing as much as possible.

(By the way, yesterday was my last day at my job and it feels so weird. I can do whatever I want, all day?!)


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