National Dish Quest: Experiencing the World Through Food

JB Macatulad is one-half of Will Fly for Food, a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined. He and his wife Renée are the Traveleaters who enjoy experiencing the world through food.

We love to eat. It’s the one thing that excites us most about travel. For some people, it’s climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or diving the Great Blue Hole. For others, it’s visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site or doing the Camino de Santiago. But for us, it’s the food. Just the thought of tasting something new and unfamiliar is enough to give us a serious case of resfeber.

Food has always played a key role in our travel decisions. If a destination is known for having interesting food, then chances are it’s on our list (if we haven’t crossed it off already). Our desire to try new and unique dishes takes us to some pretty interesting locations.

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