Natural wonder in Antarctica

Achingly beautiful and wildly pristine, remote Antarctica is unlike any other destination on earth and defies the imagination. The land is a vast white icescape, dotted with soaring mountains untouched by mankind and blessed with wildlife flourishing in this snowy enclave. Take time to marvel at the many wonders of this incredible peninsula where ice-filled channels are surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery and the experience of a lifetime becomes reality. An opportunity to cruise the white continent by yacht is to truly satisfy the explorer within.

During a yacht charter, wake to a visual feast of icebergs floating by and take advantage of excursions with expert guides on the ice, and venture beyond the horizon by submarine and helicopter. To get up close and personal with every aspect of this glistening world, soak up the spectacle and become fully immersed in all that is Antarctica.

Timing is everything when

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