New Zealand: a journey into flavours

A trip to New Zealand is not complete without visiting the multitude of exquisite sights that abound, from the long white beaches in the North to snow-capped mountains in the South Island. New Zealand is famous for the picturesque landscapes, for the dialed-up colours of nature and the multitude of sites to see.

But a trip to these fine shores should also include another aspect of New Zealand; time spent discovering the evolution of flavour that has exploded in recent years. Distilleries, vineyards, breweries, and apiaries are notable suggestions for your next itinerary. A chance to explore and savour the intriguing products that are lighting up the international stage and bringing home awards is not to be missed.

In this months blog, of a ‘Journey into flavours’, we explore some of the latest tantalising products that have been created in New Zealand for your consumption..

1. Gin

Gin has become

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