New Zealand has amazing down to a science

New Zealand is well known around the world for its stunning scenery and wide range of amazing activities. However, this quiet little country nestled far from the big movers and shakers in the world has a lot more depth than its popular image lets on.

New Zealand is a modest sort of place. As a rule, Kiwis aren’t keen on self-promotion so the true measure of the nation often rests quietly behind the curtain on the global stage. In reality, New Zealand punches above its weight and is justifiably proud of its many accomplishments and innovations. As an iconic local ad proclaims… “little can be huge”.

More than just a pretty face

New Zealand has a long history of scientific discovery and technological innovation. While it may come as a surprise to some, a wide range of discoveries, inventions, and scientific milestones can be attributed to our humble shores.

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