Niseko, Japan – Asia’s Winter holiday destination

A recent online survey with participants from a dozen different countries listed Japan as their top choice of destination once the worldwide travel hiatus finally ends. Their reasons include obvious agendas such as the food (Japan is also among the top culinary destinations in Asia) and visiting specific cultural and themed attractions, like Universal Studios Japan.

But notably, the survey also reflects the yearning of travellers for Japan’s skiing regions, the most popular among them being the well-beloved Niseko.

While many of us picture a vacation in this side of the world lounging on the beach and tanning under the sun, Niseko showcases a very different facade of the Asian holiday experience. Due to its picturesque mountains, powdery winter snow, and naturally-occurring hot spring baths, this once humble potato-farming village now proudly bears the title as the skiing mecca of Asia.

Though the travel community is still waiting to

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