November Updates from That Backpacker

Hello from Taipei! My entire stay so far has been punctuated by drizzle, light showers, heavy rain, and torrential downpours, which has made sightseeing (and filming!) a little bit challenging. The upside is that Taipei is a great destination for foodies, so Sam and I have made it our mission to restaurant-hop across the city and sample as much Taiwanese food as possible. I’ve been going from cups of bubble tea to baskets of soup dumplings, so rain or no rain, I have nothing to complain about in the food department! Now here’s a look back at November.

Where I went

South Korea: Seoul

Taiwan: Taipei

November in review

HIKED: I started out the month in Seoul where autumn colours were at their peak! On one particularly sunny but chilly day Sam and I decided to go hiking in Bukhansan National Park and it was one of my favourite days in

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