October in the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is a top destination for African safaris. Every year, over 2 million ungulates make their way up into Kenya as they follow the rains and the lush, green grasses that ensue. If you’ve ever watched a wildlife program on the great migration, chances are you’ve seen a clip or two of wildebeest, zebra and other ungulates as they attempt to cross the crocodile-infested waters of the mighty Mara River.

So powerful is the imagery of these creatures on their annual plight across the Mara River, witnessing a river-crossing spectacle is one of the top reasons people give for booking a safari to the Masai Mara or Serengeti.

When to see the Great Migration in Kenya

The Masai Mara has ample wildlife year-round, but if you’re after the migration, the best months are usually July and October. These months also coincide with many school summer holidays, for

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