Oman – the Middle East… but not as you know it!

A visit to the Middle East may not appeal to everyone in the current political climate of the region.  However, The Sultanate of Oman is a peaceful and beautiful country which has much to offer to family travellers, couples and individuals alike.  I have highlighted below a few reasons to visit Oman (in particular the Dhofar region in the south), which hopefully will entice you to consider this magical country for your next sunny getaway.

Stable and safe

Oman has been ranked as the number 1 country worldwide for safety and security in the annual Expat Insider Survey.  This is a fairly wealthy country (67th in the world by GDP) with a very strict moral code.  Law and order is taken incredibly seriously, corruption is scarce and the resulting low crime rate ensures a generally safe and peaceful country for Omanis and visitors alike.  Oman has maintained a neutral position

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