On the trail of orcas, whales and bears on Vancouver Island, Canada

Question – How many humans in history have been killed by a wild orca, the huge and ferocious creatures feared for their razor sharp teeth? Answer – None. Zero. Not a single one. A couple of injuries, yes – but no documented deaths. Hardly worthy of the name “killer” whale then, you may think. In fact, they’re also not even technically whales either – so being neither a killer nor a whale make them among the most misnamed species in the animal kingdom.

And yet, in captivity – one of the most unnatural and barbaric homes imaginable for such a large and powerful marine animal – there have been several accounts of a captive orca attacking their trainer. Film such as The Cove (about the brutal slaughter of dolphins in Japan) and Blackfish (the horror of keeping orcas captive at places like SeaWorld) have highlighted the modern struggle

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