One week in Gran Canaria

Added by on April 14, 2018

I booked our tickets to Gran Canaria on a whim – mostly because I was able to find cheap flights from Boston, and I wanted a warmer place to go before our two month stay in Barcelona. I didn’t know a thing about the Gran Canary islands – and let’s just say I was blown away.

2 Days in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the biggest city on the Gran Canaria main island and a short drive from the airport. I picked out a beach front apartment here with a balcony overlooking the sea, so we could spend our evenings eating jamon, olives and drinking wine. Not a bad choice. During the day we strolled along the miles long promenade, albeit in windy weather, and ventured into the old city center to walk around the old streets and marvel at the architecture.

Lots of

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